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A Much Superior Plan

As they reached the bridge, Frank prepared to jump, but Meme put her hoof down. "I will not jump into that maelstrom with you, Frank! I'd rather be a widow than goat soup."

Frank bleated at the Mysterious Secret Agent apologetically. "I cannot leave my wife on our honeymoon!"

"And I'm not letting you two out of my sight," the Agent sighed.

Just then, another truck approached them, coming from the opposite side of the bridge.

"That's it!" Meme said. "If we jump over to that truck, the black cars can't follow us! The bridge is too narrow for them to turn around! And the divider will keep them from just ramming the truck!"

"Brilliant!" Frank beamed.

The Mysterious Secret Agent frowned doubtfully. "I don't think–"

"No time to argue!" Meme exclaimed and jumped, followed closely by Frank. The Agent cursed and followed after.

All three managed to land neatly on the metal grating atop the other truck.

"Ha!" Meme shouted. "This is much better than those murky waters!"

The fleet of black cars started honking angrily. Frank presented them with his wriggling backside, grinning proudly. "Brains over brawn!"

The Agent cleared his throat. "I hate to interrupt the victory dance, but..." He pointed downward.

Frank and Meme looked. Underneath the metal bars, which, on closer inspection, were really a lot further apart than they should have been, a family of lions was looking up at them, fangs flashing and eyes gleaming hungrily.

"What– but– why–" Frank stammered as Meme bleated nervously.

The Agent pointed again, this time to the cab. Frank turned. In large golden letters, the words ROYAL IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL TRAVELING CIRCUS were emblazoned on a sign on the roof.

Looking down again, he saw a lioness begin to climb...

Will our heroes end up cat food? How can they escape? And what happens once the black cars find a good spot for a U-turn? Stay tuned!

Tags: contest #07, winning entry

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