Bethan (bethan_b_bad) wrote in frankandmeme,

If Indiana Can Do It...

"Well," Meme said stoically, "At least it's not snakes?"

"Don't say that!" the Secret Agent snapped. "Haven't you seen any movies?"

"Fair point," she winced. "My lips are sealed."

"Um... guys?" Frank called, sounding somewhat strained. "Could we, um... deal with the lions now?"

"They can't possibly get through the bars," the Secret Agent told him soothingly. "Otherwise there wouldn't be any point in having them there."

A massive paw swiped through the bars, claws within centimetres of his legs: he jumped back in alarm.

Hastily, "...Okay, let's go!"

Meme's drummed her hooves nervously. "But where to?"

Frank eyed the driver's carriage ahead of them as it jerked and swayed, trying to gauge the distance. "Well, it always worked for Indiana Jones..."

"Maybe it did for goats and movie stars, but the two of us are neither, Frank!" Meme snapped, "We can't jump like you can!"

The lioness snarled alarmingly just below her, and the distance suddenly seemed very small. "Oh, sod it. JUMP!"
Tags: contest #08, winning entry
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