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So Crazy It Just Might Work

Frank and Meme clung to each other as the lions drew closer, fangs glistening in the low light. It was times like this that they remembered how low on the food chain they really were. Why couldn't they have gone to a truck with a nice field of clover, or maybe some daffodils? No, it was lions. It had to be lions.

"I just want you to know," Frank said, staring deep into Meme's eyes. "If this is the end, I'm glad... I'm glad it's with you. Except I wish you were far away and not about to die, and it would be nice if I was too, but if I have to go... having you as the last thing I see will make it all right."

"Yes, Frank, that's very sweet," Meme bleated. "But I'd rather not get eaten at all. So can we not give up just yet?"

"I haven't given up!" Frank said. "I just wanted you to know how I felt!"

"And I want to live!"

"I want to live too!"

"If you two are done..." the Agent had found a whip. "I think I might have a thought."

"Wait, no!" Frank shouted as he let himself into the lion's cage.

"It's not worth it!" Meme shouted.

"It's all right, I've got this." The Agent cracked the whip, and to Frank and Meme's surprise, the lions backed down.

"But how...?" Frank asked.

"As part of my undercover training I spent a year working in a circus in southern France," the Agent said. "I learned how to make a lion do just about anything, and it seems these ones have been well trained."

"Hmm," Frank said, an idea coming to him. "Anything, you say?"

"What are you thinking?" Meme asked, looking suspicious.

"I'm thinking we could get away a lot faster and easier if we had something to ride. Something... that could fight things off a lot better than we can."

Meme gasped. "You think we should ride the lions? Are you insane?"

"It could work," the Agent said. "But it'd be risky. I don't know these lions well, so they might not respond how the ones back in France did."

"It might be our best option," Frank said, looking determined. "I think we should try it."
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