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Frank and Meme fanfic contest
bluemeringue wrote in frankandmeme
Poll #1672497 Frank and Meme fanfic contest

Choose the next official chapter of the Frank and Meme saga!

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Another round of good entries.

Great entries. Thank you so much. I voted my favorite.

I love seeing what everyone did with my cliffhanger! Great job everyone! :)

great entries this round, it was hard to choose from.

Wheee, submitted. Nice work!

So Crazy It Just Might Work you just might win :D

Voted! Good luck to everyone :).

Great entries, voted for Unexpected Ally

Really interesting entries this time around. Best of luck to everyone!

Lions, they aren't just a lot of worthless meat - they got some worm and pretty hides, besides you may try to ride 'em, if you happen to be crazy enough...

So sorry I missed the deadline to submit a story entry. I'll try to write one up after we find the winner here :) Great tales of adventure guys!

Awww. I wanted my choice to be in the lead... :/

it was so hard to decide, but now I'll just keep my fingers crossed to see who wins :-)

Great job to all the writers! I voted for my favorite.

picking one was tricky, but I finally decided!

Brilliant stories, all of them! Thank you, writers!

I voted! How do you enter these?

You wait until one of the stories won, then you write the next part and post it here.

And good luck to all! ;)

it was hard to choose!!

Voted! But they were all very good! :)

Always fun to see these entries! <3

this will be a brilliant chapter

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