Major Cain Knightlord (derpish) wrote in frankandmeme,
Major Cain Knightlord

Lion Heart

Frank looked at Meme as though she were insane... she wanted him to JUMP?! The lion was roaring loudly below them and Frank could see it wanted nothing more than a nice delicious supper in the form of them.

Gulping loudly, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Here goes nothing.

To the sound of encouraging shouts from Meme and the Secret Agent, Frank jumped. Feeling himself soaring through the air, he chanced a glance downwards and wished he hadn't.

Yikes! That thing had giant teeth!

But then he was safely across, legs shaking slightly as he looked back at Meme and the Secret Agent with an almost cocky grin.

"Your turn!"
Tags: contest #09, winning entry
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