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Into the Lions' Den

Faced with no other choice, Meme jumped...and slipped...and tumbled into the cage full of lions! 

"I can't look!" cried Frank, covering his eyes with his hooves. 

"I say, why are you cowering like that?" came a voice with a rather posh accent.

"Because you're going to eat me!" cried Meme.

"Eat *you*?  I should think not!" said the lion, sounding offended.  Meme stared at him, and Frank uncovered his eyes to peer down into the cage.

"Y-you're not?"

"Of course not!  We're vegetarian lions," he said.

"Th-then why were you growling at us?" said Meme, her wool pure white from her terrible experience.

"We weren't growling at *you*.  We were growling at *him*!"  With a dramatic flourish, the lion pointed at the trembling Mysterious Secret Agent, who was still perched on the bars atop the cage.

Why were the lions growling at the Mysterious Secret Agent?  Should Frank and Meme abandon him to the angry lions, or try to help him?  Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of "Frank and Meme"!
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