Daughter of A Jedi (ladyofavalon77) wrote in frankandmeme,
Daughter of A Jedi

Revenge or Reward

"If you would kindly step aside, dear chap, we have some business with your trench coated companion," the elegant lion growled softly while ever so slightly pushing his weight forward so Frank and Meme would unconsciously step back.

"What exactly do you want with him?" Frank inquired cautiously, maintaining careful eye contact with the larger animal.

"Well, your friend left us in a bit of a jam last time our paths crossed.  He had asked for our help in finding the Lost City of Atlantis and we decided to join him in his quest since it would include a trip to America," the lion leader started to explain.

"We'd never been to the colonies," another lion piped up from the back, pacing impatiently back and forth in the back of the cage as he eyed the Secret Agent hungrily.

"We're not a colony anymore," Frank replied, a little bit indignant.

"Same difference," the lion leader replied, waving a paw as if it didn't matter. "At any rate, your friend here brought us along for protection but soon as he got what he wanted, what do you know? He sold us to a traveling circus.  We went to bed free as jaybirds and woke up in these cages. Haven't seen a bit of freedom since."

"Well, there's a simple solution to all of this," Meme finally announced from beside Frank, almost making him jump at the strong sound of her voice.

"And that would be what, darlin'?" the lion leader answered but continued to stare menacingly at the trembling Secret Agent while he carefully flexed each claw at a time in full view for all to see.

"Allow us to help you escape and we can team up to find the Lost City of Atlantis together. With all of us pooling our clues together, I'm sure we can pick up the trail right where we left off. What do you say?"

"And your friend here?"

"He can stay right where we can keep an eye on him.  There might be information he has we will need in our quest to find the fabled city," Meme explained before quickly adding. "You two can settle your scores at a later date. What's important now is that we get what we came here for. Do we have a deal?"

Will the lions take Meme up on her offer? Or will revenge get the better of them?

Tags: contest #11

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