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anthologia : gathering flowers

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

“You see,” the lion went on to say, “unless I have missed my guess – and I hardly ever do – he is the notorious lion hustler Fernando ‘Fierce’ Felicious, renowned the world over for his inhumane treatment of my species.”

“Well?” Meme asked him, stamping her hoof impatiently. “Is it true?”

“Yes,” the secret agent replied, his voice tight with anguish. “It was years ago, on an undercover mission. My cover was Fernando – but I swear, I haven’t touched a lion since, and I loathed every moment of it!”

“Well?” Frank asked.

The lion frowned. “Well, dear sir, rest assured we will not soon be chums, but I will, for the sake of the lady, accept your revision of events. I say, have you noticed those other chaps following you? Are they more friends of yours?”

Who is following them? Will the lion and the secret agent get along? And why did the secret agent need to be undercover as a lion hustler?
Tags: contest #11, winning entry

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