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Ohh, THAT ring!

“You have the ring,” the lion growled at secret agent, tail twitching with irritation.

“The one ring to rule them all?” the agent replied with confusion.

“No!” snapped the lion. “The other ring.”

Frank, Meme and the agent all looked at each other and then back at the lion, bewildered. In normal circumstances, the simultaneously surprised faces of a goat, sheep and human male would have set off a gale of laughter. But this wasn’t a normal situation.

The lion stared at them for a moment and said impatiently, “The ring – a tiny little gold circle with a piece of folded paper in its jewel. You can’t possibly have lost or forgotten it, have you?”

Meme started with a soft, “Oh!” and fumbled around in her wool (which was very convenient in storing small items when one wasn’t in the habit of wearing clothes with pockets). The other lions were staring intensely at Frank and the secret agent, the former chewing on the latter’s pants in nervousness (and, okay, after being almost married and escaping a bunch of dangers, could you blame him for being hungry?).

After a moment, Meme pulled out the ring from the wool at her hip and displayed it triumphantly to the pride of lions (specifically not pack because these lions would be particularly offended at being compared to a pack of dogs – it’s a feline/canine thing).

“Open the note,” ordered the lion.

Meme’s hooves started to shake as she unfolded the note. Her eyes sought out Frank’s and he nodded firmly. Taking a deep breath, she prepared herself to read—

What does the note say? Will the lions get what they want? And dear lord, will the secret agent lose his pants to the feisty hunger of Frank?!

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