Nicky Gabriel (nickygabriel) wrote in frankandmeme,
Nicky Gabriel

Mysterious Secret Agent's Partner

“So you know him?” Frank blinked surprised.

“Of course we know him. He was supposed to meet us in the Vegas hotel, where Meme and you would be spending your honeymoons,” the lion explained. “The circus is heading there now, but apparently we can complete our mission before w reach the destination.”

“What is the mission, actually?” asked Meme in more normal voice. She wasn’t shaking anymore.

“Our mission, not your one. We don’t know what yours is. But here,” the lion went to the wall and took out from the hay and straws a crumpled sheet and brought it to Frank in her teeth, “is the address in Vegas where you will meet the Mysterious Secret Agent’s partner and she knows what the mission is about.”

“I don’t have any partner,” the Mysterious Secret Agent shook his head quickly. “I never had one!”

“Oh yes, you had and you still do,” the lion repeated, growling dangerously.

Frank looked at Meme confused.

Whom would he believe? Would the lion eat them after all?
Tags: contest #11

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