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Reminiscing This And That

“Me? Why are you growling at me?”

The Lion growled once more and glared up at the precariously perched agent. “As if you don’t know! You’re the one responsible for putting us here!”

Frank and Meme looked over at the Mysterious Secret Agent but his face held nothing but confusion. The lions paced underneath him, waiting for him to make the jump that would land him in their cage and leave him with only the pride to dispense justice. Meme stepped forward cautiously.

“I’m not sure what he did but he doesn’t remember.” The Lion scoffed. “No, really. He has lost his memory and we’re helping him out on a case.”

The Lion stalked toward her and Meme couldn’t help feeling like dinner. The Agent peered down through the bars nervously and Frank stepped up beside his darling.

“She’s telling you the truth. The Secret Agent has lost his memories, well, a lot of them. We’re finishing his mission for him.”

The Lion watched them suspiciously before he lowered himself to the ground and reminiscence took over. “The month was June. We were resting under the shade of some Coolibah trees when a rumbling in the distance caught our attention. The trap was laid and our futures sealed. When we woke up, a cruel master was forcing us to work the performance circuit and we vowed revenge on the only man that we could all remember.” He looked up pointedly. “Him.”

“Oh, how awful!”

The Lion nodded at Meme and slunk underneath the Agent a low growl emitting from deep in his throat which only made the Mysterious Secret Agent shake more. The pride began circling underneath him and Frank looked at the scene before him. He had to get the lions to believe his story and aid their escape before their appointment at the tattoo parlour. This case was becoming more and more complicated and Frank wasn’t sure if they were going to be able to close it. Stepping forward, he stretched his neck and looked squarely at the Lion.


What will Frank say to get them out of this frightening situation? Will the Mysterious Secret Agent end up as cat food or will Frank and Meme have to live out their remaining days as performers in a three ring circus?
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