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An Offer They Couldn't Refuse

"Those black cars? Our friends? Hardly!" Meme huffed. "We're trying to escape them!"

"That's right," Frank added. "Why did you think we ended up on top of your car in the first place?"

The lioness thought in silence for a moment. "I see. We might be able to help you, but..." She gave the Secret Agent-- or "Fernando", as she knew him-- a slightly resentful glance. "I'm not sure if I could in good conscience do it for free! You'd need to help us afterwards."

"Anything!" said Meme hurriedly, wishing to get away from this mess and back to her honeymoon as soon as possible. "Name your price!"

"Very well," the lioness purred. "Here's what you'll need to do..."
Tags: contest #12

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