Daughter of A Jedi (ladyofavalon77) wrote in frankandmeme,
Daughter of A Jedi

The Greatest Show On Earth

Before anyone could say another word, their world came to an abrupt halt, throwing the unprepared visitors against the bars of the lion cage. 

"What's going on?" Frank bleated as he helped Meme to her hooves, glancing at the Secret Agent who was peaking his head through the bars to see what had caused their vehicle to come to such a sudden stop.

"I think we've arrived at our," he started to say before eying his feline friends with a wary eye. "I mean their final destination."

"Don't look so disappointed, old chap. The circus is not as bad as it sounds. In fact, we're the stars of this outfit and get treated quite well," the lead lion explained, yawning before flicking a paw at his gilded cage. "Other than the travel arrangements of course. You best be on your way before they start unloading the trucks. Wouldn't want you three to be drafted into our act...unless of course you would like to volunteer as a lion tamer. I'm sure we'd love to show you the ropes, wouldn't we, gents?" A chorus of eager growls assured the Secret Agent that wouldn't be a shortage of participants in the training of the new employees if they chose to stay.

"No, I think we'll be on our way," the Secret Agent hastily replied before quickly picking the lock of the cage and holding the door open for Frank and Meme to follow. "Are you two coming?"

"I'm not sure," Frank announced, looking first at the friendly lions and then at the Secret Agent.  "A life in the circus could be very interesting and I always wanted to see a trapeze act."

"But Frank, what about our mission?" Meme objected, not in the least intrigued by anything as amateurish as a vaudeville show.

"If you stay, we could give you names of some contacts we have near the ocean who have heard of the fabled city you seek.  However, you'd have to pass Lion Taming 101," the head lion informed them with a wicked cat grin.

Should Frank and Meme join the circus? Or should they continue with the Secret Agent to their next destination?

Tags: contest #12, winning entry

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