July 31st, 2010

[cute] Cookie Monster

Leaving Las Vegas

Frank and Meme are enjoying some R&R on the lovely beaches of Southern California. Frank is enjoying some delicious pants sent to him by his livejournal fans. Meme is trying to read the latest entries in ohnotheydidnt on the new LJ Iphone app, but her IPhone 4 keeps dropping her connection. Flustered and annoyed that she can't keep up with Lilo's latest drama, Meme is about to give up, when suddenly she gets an incoming call from an unknown number.

Meme nervously nibbles on her cloved hooves and answers. “Hello?”

"Don't make any sudden movements. Do not hang up, but do listen very carefully. I'm watching you and Frank as we speak. If you want proof, Frank is munching feverishly on a pair of ridiculous, purple, leather, rhinestone-studded pants and Lady Gaga is making a bee-line straight to you two to save it."

Meme's eyes bulge out as she quickly scans their surroundings, but only notices the pants.

"I was kidding about Lady Gaga, however, those pants are outrageous."

Disappointed, Meme queries, "Who are you and what do you want?"

"I cannot reveal my identity at this time, but I work for a clandestine, secret, world organization which I cannot also name. You and Frank have been chosen for a special mission to save the Moon, Mars, and the Lost City of Atlantis from a merciless spy hiding out as a tattoo artist in Sin City, Las Vegas."

Startled, Meme yelps and startles Frank.

"I told you to not make any sudden movements. You cannot attract any attention to yourselves because we cannot ascertain just of yet if we're the only ones tracking you."

Disturbed from his savory repast, Frank remarks, "Who are you on the phone with, Meme? Don't tell me it's your mother again."

Meme tries to reply to Frank but is interrupted.

"We need for you and Frank to pose as Honeymooners in Vegas and get matching tattoos from this dangerous criminal."

"But why us? What does this have to do with Frank and me?"

"We have tapes of him talking to one of your closest friends detailing his diabolical plan. Although not as vitriolic as the Mel Gibson tapes, the information is highly sensitive and a matter of National importance."

Meme starts to run a list of their friends in her mind who might have ties to Las Vegas.

"We'll meet midnight tonight at The Vanguard. Don't forget to bring..."

Meme, still coming up blank as to which of their friends has ties to Vegas, whispers into the phone, "Bring what?" But all she hears is static. Her IPhone 4 dropped the connection again.

Who is the mysterious caller? What organization does he work for? Which of Frank and Meme's friends is talking to a nefarious spy in Vegas? And what is Frank and Meme supposed to bring to the Hollywood Club? And who else could possibly be spying on them?