August 3rd, 2010

Hijinks Ensue
  • perkk

Auntie Meme?

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in their fur, our love-struck couple are riding in the back of a convertible speeding along Interstate 15. Frank half-sleeps, dreaming & ruminating about the sublime flavors that must be Liberace's Gold Lamé Pants in Las Vegas; the prize they have been promised for helping out with this dangerous mission. But somethings doesn't sit right with Meme. She sat, fretting about the coincidence of it all. If they hadn't found the secret agent, lost and confused in the woods by the Russian River, when they did, what might have happened to him?

The agent had lost his partner, and he only knew his half of the mission. He knew it was important; it had something to do with national, international, interplanetary, or interlegendary security (his words were a bit slurred, so this part was not clear). But what was clear was his conviction that they absolutely had to help him.

They only had a few clues:

  • An appointment reminder on his phone for a wedding chapel in Las Vegas in two day's time.
  • A voucher for matching tattoos with a 24-hour parlor in Las Vegas, with the words "Remember the Fox" scrawled on the back.
  • A reservation confirmation for a pre-paid honeymoon suite at the Luxor.
  • A dry cleaning claim check for a dress and a tux.
  • Keys to a sporty red hybrid convertible (with a few more buttons than normal).
  • An open package of breath mints.
He suggested that Frank & Meme take the place of him and his missing partner, and in return he would reward them with a dream almost too good to be true. They agreed to help the secret agent figure out the missing parts of his mission.

The meeting was a blind arrangement setup though a neutral party. The contact was expecting a team, not a half-team. He suggested that Frank and Meme could take the place of himself and his partner, to pose as newlyweds. They could get matching fox tattoos to covertly identify themselves to the mystery contact. Then, hopefully they could get the mission details. The secret agent suggested he tag along, just in case things get hairy; he could pose as their nephew Patrick.

Meme hoped this plan would work, but she had her doubts. It was late and she was getting peckish. Being a nervous eater, she helped herself to one of the mints.

"Ouch!" Meme bleated in pain.

Frank awoke with a start. "What? What happened, dear? Are you okay?"

"It's this mint, there's something inside it."

What could be in the mint? Where will they put their matching tattoos? Will they be able to see a Cirque du Soleil show while they're there? And will their plan come together?