August 4th, 2010


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We'll be posting this in the news tomorrow, but Frank and Meme wish to take a moment to thank all participating writers for taking them on such extraordinary journeys!

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Frank, Meme, and a Mysterious Organization

The sun is shining up in the sky, with our two heroes wrapping up an exciting day at the amusement park. Just as the two of them are about to ride Meme's car, she notices a shifty figure seemingly pretending to read a newspaper.

"Frank, I don't like the way that guy's looking at us," Meme whispers.

The goat looks at the figure behind him. "Relax, Meme, you must be getting hungry. I know of a pants buffet down the street. Let's go!"

"Yeah, that must be it," Meme mumbles. Still, I don't like his cold, icy blue gaze; he seems like he's killed countless people before. And the fact that he's so huge and black doesn't help, either. Oh, and those long, silver locks . . .

"Meme, are you all right? The restaurant isn't that far!" Frank interrupts her thoughts.

"I'm fine, Frank," Meme lies through her teeth. "Let's go."

Well, at least that guy's not here. Meme muses as she enters the restaurant, approaching the buffet table, with Frank in tow. The goat fills his tray with pile after pile of pants. "Frank, don't be so greedy!"

"Why not? We're paying for this, after all."

"It's embarrassing!"

"Oh, live a little, Meme! You've gone through enough stress these past few months."

"Fine, but don't come crying to me when you've got a stomachache."

The two of them then approach a nearby table, sit down, and start eating. "Now, aren't these pants the best?" Frank says, munching his food.

"Yup, I feel a little sleepy, though." She agrees, albeit with drooping eyelids.

"Me, too. That's od—" He collapses, and so does she.

The room is dark, with only a little bit of moonlight shining through the small, lone window. Frank slowly opens his eyes and scans the room. Right in the middle sits Meme, still unconscious, her petite frame bound to a chair with rope.

"Finally, the goat's awake." He hears an eerie, menacing voice behind him.

Frank's heart begins to quiver. "What do you want from us? And what have you done with Meme?"

"Just put a little sedative in your food, 'tis all. If you two refuse to cooperate, I have no qualms sending you to the afterlife."

"But, boss, we have orders not to kill them!" Another voice interrupts him. He is a large figure, though not as large as the one with the long, silver hair. He is also wearing sunglasses. The two of them are wearing black trench coats, as if they are uniforms or something.

"Heh. I have no idea why do we need a goat and a sheep for this assignment," the bigger one says with a cigarette in his mouth. "I would have killed them, if it were up to me."

"Please don't kill Meme!" Frank pleads. "You can hurt me, but not her!"

"Okay, here's what you've got to do, goat." He turns to him and grabs his chin. "We want you to pose as honeymooners in Vegas and get matching tattoos from a spy who is planning to seize control of the moon, Mars, and the lost city of Atlantis."

"But why us? We know nothing about spies! And who are you two?"

He places his gun against Frank's right temple. "I'm afraid I can't tell you that, goat; I might just have to kill you."

Will Frank accept the assignment? How will Meme react when she wakes up? Who are those mysterious thugs, and why did they choose them? What have our two heroes gotten themselves into? And lastly, what kind of creatures are those thugs in black?
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