October 28th, 2010

Jack Harkness loves hot lesbian sex.

Playing Nice

The trapdoor seemed the most inviting way to go, but even with Meme balanced precariously on Frank's shoulders it was too high up. In desperation, Meme hit the emergency button with her hoof, but nothing happened and they were left with nothing to do but wait nervously as the doors inched open with terrifying slowness.

Meme had half-expected the glamorous agent in the greatcoat, but this time it was a man - with a gun! The trapped pair stared at him helplessly.

"We are about done playing nice," he said tersely. "You will come with me now - and bring that," he indicated the fallen Secret Agent, "with you."

"Haven't you forgotten something about us?" asked Frank. The man stared at him blankly. "When your hands are level with our heads... our heads are level with your groin!"

He headbutted the man as hard as he could and, true to stereotype and every action movie on the planet, the man neatly folded up, cursing.

"Well done, Frank!" said Meme admiringly. "Now let's get out of here!"

Frank looked wistfully at the whimpering agent's very tasty-looking socks, but Meme was right. The Secret Agent was beginning to come around, and between them they managed to get him out of the elevator. Now they had two options - the corridor or the stairs. Frank and Meme looked at each other. Which was it to be?