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Help select the next chapter in the Frank and Meme saga!
bluemeringue wrote in frankandmeme
Poll #1727376 Frank and Meme fanfic contest!

Choose the next official chapter of the Frank and Meme saga!

lj is working again hallelujah!

Very nice work, as usual.
Thank you!

Haven't voted yet but would like to make a suggestion. Could you please announce the winner? Last time this wasn't done and I've been trying to follow the story so I can get feel for what's going on before I start making posts. I'm not sure what's going on since I don't know where the story left off and since I'm new and missed the earliest posts I've just been trying to figure it out from the recent posts.

They announce it at the bottom of news most of the time.

I like all the entries. :P

It's a fun word and a fun plot ^^

And now I return to my "OMGYAY LJ IS BACK" dance. xP

Tough choice this time...

Can't wait to see who is the winner.

I'll never be able to submit a chapter! The winning bit is never the one I vote for. I guess I have a peculiar taste.

Anyway, thanks for keeping us entertained. :)