Rena (rainbow1907) wrote in frankandmeme,

Leaving Las Vegas

Lion Taming 101? Frank was awfully tempted. Ever since he was a little kid his most secret dream had been to run away to the circus and lead the exciting life of a knife thrower… or even a famous lion tamer!

But one look at Meme’s disapproving face brought him back to reality. No, of course, they couldn’t stay. After all, they had committed themselves to help the Secret Agent on his mysterious quest. And there was also the disturbing fact that they were chased by a whole fleet of dangerous looking black cars that could appear any minute now.

“Thank you for the most generous offer,” he said. “Tempting as it is… alas, we have to decline. However our mission is of utmost importance so we better leave right away!”

“That’s right!” Meme nodded and bleated softly. “But thank you so much for your kindness and help.”

As the three of them turned away to leave their newfound friends, they heard a soft, but very insistent “Psssst!!! Hey, you! Yes… I mean you.”

“Oh, look at that, Frank!” Meme's dainty hoof pointed excitedly at the beautiful dark-skinned woman who had been trying to get their attention. Clad in a colorful, flowing garment and with a turban-like headdress over her long, coal-black hair, she looked like a… fortune teller!

Should Frank and Meme stay and talk to the fortune teller? What does the fortune teller know? Will Frank, Meme and the Mysterious Secret Agent be able to escape before the black cars arrive?

Tags: contest #13, winning entry

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