Aziraphale (madetothwart) wrote in frankandmeme,

Memoirs of a Goat-sha

Frank looked over at Meme to ask how they could possibly hope to get to Japan, and was met by the strangest sight he had ever seen.

Himself. Staring back at... well, himself.

Yet at the same time, Meme was getting the exact same shock. Had the fortune teller somehow put mirrors in the room without her knowing about it? This was most inconvenient and a little bit scary.


Oh dear, that wasn't her familiar bleat at all. It was Frank's, and with a horrified look both of them realised what had happened. They were in one another's bodies! Could this be changed if they got to Japan in time? Well, there was only one way to find out...

Dashing out of the shop, stumbling every so often on legs they weren't used to commanding, the goat and sheep barrelled head first into the Secret Agent who gave a grave look when he was told what had happened.

"There's only one way for you to change back." He intoned seriously. "But it's a dangerous journey into the heart of Japan, to visit the Emperor Bull. We'll never get in to see him unless we sneak in, but nobody is allowed access to his palace except..."

His eyes turned to Frank in Meme's body, slight smirk curving his lips upwards.

"...the royal geisha!"
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