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Congratulations to madetothwart!
Purple Tentacle
mike wrote in frankandmeme
Congratulations to madetothwart, whose entry -- Memoirs of a Goat-sha -- was voted the next official chapter in the Frank and Meme saga. You may now start posting entries for the next contest in frankandmeme. The winning author will be awarded 500 LJ Tokens. On behalf of our quarreling darlings, we thank you for keeping the drama alive!

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Did the rules change? 500 LJ tokens for winner only?

The new token payout will take effect with next week's winner. This week will be the last of the 1000/500 payout.

I see thanks! I didn't know ^^*

But then how much will the winner be given after next week?

After this week, 500 tokens go to the writer of the piece selected as the next official chapter.

Does this mean that there are no tokens for participation anymore?

Oh right.
But what if people just vote for themselevs/get their friends to vote for them - that way it won't be fair and people who participate stand no chance - and that we won't be getting anything at all (not even 250 tokens) is a bit of a shame and letdown :(

Thank you for my 500 tokens; I was unaware the rules had changed, but it was still a nice prize for winning :)

The rule change will take effect when the next chapter is chosen. This week, the winner and all participants received LJ Tokens.

I was the winner and I received 500 tokens, does this mean I received the same as all the other participants as well?

It means I goofed. :-) I'll send you the other 500 in just a moment.

Aha, thank you very much, I was confused for a moment :D

Sorry for the confusion. The rest should be arriving shortly. :-)

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