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Upwards and Onwards

"The Royal Geisha?" Meme panicked. "But that means I'd have to..." Hearing her own words coming out in Frank's voice, she cried out in distress – and found that Frank's shrill bleat sounded even more annoying from inside his head.

"No," Frank said, biting her lips. "It means I have to pretend I'm the Royal Geisha..."

The Secret Agent was typing messages on a small communications device he'd pulled seemingly out of nowhere. "All right," he said. "I've arranged for the current Royal Geisha to be... delayed for a few days. But you still have to pass for her."

"How am I supposed to pass for a cow?" Frank moaned. "I'm a goat! I mean, a sheep!"

The Secret Agent shrugged. "We'll have time to figure that out on the plane."

"What plane?" Meme asked, wrinkling Frank's nose.

There was a deafening roar and a futuristic-looking jet hovered overhead. A beam of green light hit them. Meme felt herself swept off Frank's hooves. All three of them were slowly rising towards a round hatch in the bottom of the jet.

"This plane," the Agent grinned.

Meme looked up, and bleated in alarm. Looking down through the hatch at her was...
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