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what a catch.

The Dark Diversion

Frank gave out a surprised bleat.  Meme gasped.  The Secret Agent smiled.  "You do want to change back, don't you?"

"Of-of course!" said Meme. "But--"

"I don't see what the issue is."  The Secret Agent raised his eyebrows. "After all, it's not even you that will be the one doing the infiltration."  Frank whimpered in the background.  "And you!" the secret Agent continued, "you'll just have to suck it up and do a bit of acting."

"I'm not being a geisha," Frank protested.

"Not with my body," agreed Meme.

The Secret Agent sighed.  "There's no way around it. Now that you've gotten yourselves cursed, there's no going back.  Only the Emporer Bull can help you now.  In fact, it's not even trying to get in to see him that I'm most worried about.  The journey there is filled with dangers and terrors that only the most hardy travellers can weather.  I'm not sure you two can handle it."

"Don't be ridiculous," said Frank, flexing his hooves (to somewhat less effect than normal). "I can make it to the Emporer Bull, and even act like a geisha if I have to."

"Don't you be ridiculous," said Meme. "There will be none of your gallant dashing around when you're in my body. I don't want to have it all shattered when I get it back."

"Which you won't," the Secret Agent cut in smoothly, "if you do not allow him to make the journey."

"Then I guess we must go forward," said Meme dejectedly.  "But do try to stay out of trouble, won't you, Frank?"

"Have no worries, my dear Meme," said Frank, "when you get your body back from me, it shall be as good as new!"  He turned around to saunter off into the sunset and found himself bouncing off a very large, very solid man covered from head to toe in dark armor.

"Going to see the Emporer Bull, were you?" said the mysterious figure.  "I'm afraid I have other plans for you..."
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