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Frank and Meme's Excellent Adventure

Note: I wanted to sign up for the Girl Saves Boy Ficathon with Frank and Meme, but sadly, I missed the sign-up deadline.  However, I had it in mind when writing this. ^_^
Note 2: 300 words exactly

"Frank, get down!" cried Meme, headbutting him out of the way of their attackers. Frank went flying across the room just as something sliced past him in mid-air.


"Who are you?" bleated Frank, trying to untangle himself from the curtains where he'd landed. "What do you want?"

"Just hand over the ring," said the dark-clad penguin standing in the doorway.

"But-" started Frank. Meme interrupted him.

"All you want is the ring?" she said. "It's all yours, just leave us alone!" She tossed it out the window to slide down the Luxor's sloped side.

"Sacre Bleu!" cried the ninja penguin. He leaped out after it, sliding on his belly and trying to catch up with the ring.

"But *Meme*-"

"We've got to get out of here!" Grabbing Frank, she dragged him out of the room with her.

"I don't understand!" bleated Frank.

"That ninja penguin wanted the ring, Frank. Why do you think he wanted the ring?" said Meme as rushed down the hallway toward the elevator, pulling Frank along with her.

"He was planning on getting married?" said Frank blankly.

"The paper, Frank!" Frank looked down at the paper he still had tucked in his hoof. "He wanted the paper that was in the ring! He didn't know we'd already found it!" Meme's voice shook with excitement as she dove into the elevator and pushed the button. "What is it? Let's see!" Carefully, they unfolded it together.

"It's...some kind of map!" exclaimed Meme. "But the place that's marked on it, it's in the middle of the ocean!"

"Meme," said Frank, pointing to the corner half-covered by her hoof, "what's it say over here?" Meme lifted her hoof and they both gasped at the word, written in blue-green ink and curving letters:


Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!



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