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A Delayed Introduction

Frank bleated in surprise.  Meme slammed the door to the bathroom shut then, on second thought, opened it up a crack and peeked through.  And the woman at the door looked distinctly confused.

“H-hello,” she stuttered.  “Forgive me, I thought my partner and I had booked this room?”

Her somewhat unique word choice make Frank perk his ears up

“Partner?” he inquired.

The woman nodded.  “We were here together on...business.”

Frank nodded.  “Going to see the Las Vegas sights?” he offered, helpfully.  “Get married? Get a tattoo?”

The woman’s eyes widened.  “Who are you?”

“My name is Frank, good lady.” Frank inclined his head respectfully.  “And that is the illustrious Meme.  You’ll have to excuse her for not being able to introduce herself; she was about to check out the fantastic Spa tub.  If you don’t mind me asking, who are you?”

“My name is Cordelia,” she replied.  

The two regarded each other silently for a few moments.  

“You went missing,” said Frank eventually.  “Your partner didn’t know where you’d gone.”

Cordelia nodded.  “I was waylaid on my search to find the truth,” she said.  “I expected he’d simply meet me here.  But I see I was mistaken.  Are you two going to carry out the mission now?”

“To tell you the truth, I’m not sure we know exactly what the mission is,” Frank admitted, abashedly.  “Perhaps you’d like to stay and explain it to us?”

“I can do that,” said Cordelia.  “In fact, I’ll need to, because I believe the very parameters of the mission have changed.  But before I can tell you, I’ll need some proof of your intentions.”

Frank looked down at his hand, still holding the ring.  “I have this,” he said, offering it up for show.  

Cordelia held out her palm and Frank dropped it in.  She examined the ring closely.  “It looks like this has already been opened!” she exclaimed.  “Do you have the message that was in it?”

Frank nodded.  “It’s right here.”

“What does it say?”

Frank looked down at the slip of paper, about the size of a fortune cookie.  

The way to the beginning is through the end.  

He frowned.  “It’s rather cryptic.”

“Well,” said Cordelia, “I guess it’s just another thing we’ll have to figure out.”

“Why don’t you come in?” asked Frank, finally remembering his manners.  “Meme can try out the Spa bath later.  If there’s a lot for us to do, we’d better get started.”

What does the mysterious message mean?  What did Cordelia discover when she was delayed? Will Frank and Meme's mission change? And will Meme ever get to take her bath?
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