Daughter of A Jedi (ladyofavalon77) wrote in frankandmeme,
Daughter of A Jedi

Spy Games

At the sound of the door opening, Frank and Meme looked up in surprise to see attractive feminine figure in a trench coat enter the room, sweeping the room with her piercing black eyes until she zeroed in on the two hapless animals.

"Where is he?" she demanded, advancing toward them with a determination to obtain answers from them one way or another.

 "Who?" Frank replied innocently. He had a pretty good idea who she meant but wanted to find out more about this audacious stranger.

"Don't play games with me, Frank," she coolly responded with a small smile before her eyes narrowed with a hint of menace. "You know exactly who I mean. I already know he recruited you and Meme to pose as a married couple in Las Vegas. Now tell me where he is or this pleasant meeting will come to an unpleasant end for one of you."

"We really can't help you if you're going to continue to be so vague.  'He' could be anyone from the busboy to the hotel clerk to Meme's third cousin who happens to be in town.  I would suggest you switch from threatening us and talk to us before this situation gets out of hand."

"Are you threatening me?" the woman countered in surprise and seemed faintly amused by the goat's boldness.  Shortly after a look of confusion came over her features before she suddenly collapsed to the floor in front of the startled pair. Looking up, Frank and Meme saw their spy friend enter with a poison dart blowgun.

"Don't worry. The dart was dipped in a tranquilizer. She'll be up soon but not before we're long gone from this place," he explained, searching her still form for weapons and removing those he found to his own person. "It's time for a new plan and I know just the place. Let's go before we waste anymore time."

Without another word, he was out the door leaving Frank and Meme to muse over their options.

Should they follow the secret agent out the door or should they stay and talk to the woman when she wakes up? What is the relationship between the woman and the secret agent? Will Frank and Meme ever make it to the tattoo parlor?


Tags: contest #03, winning entry

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