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I Spy.
the road goes ever ever on
spiffynamehere wrote in frankandmeme
Frank,” Meme bleated worriedly. “We can’t just leave her here in the room. What will she do when she wakes up?”

After a moment’s consideration and a lot of tangled hooves, the two goats managed to wrap the woman in duct tape and drag her into a closet so she wouldn’t be able to wreak havoc with their collection of pants snacks on waking. Or, of course, call in her defeat to anyone she may be working with.

“There,” Frank said as he headbutted the door shut. “That should hold her!”

It only took them a short amount of time to reach the hotel lobby, their spy friend already waiting with the car outside. “Your attention to detail is commendable,” he said as he gestured impatiently for them to get inside. “If ill-timed. She won’t be waking up for hours.”

“Was she your partner?” Meme asked. “The one who was supposed to be your wife on this mission?”

The spy nodded, hands gripping the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles turned white. “We knew each other. Until I learned she was a double agent, planning to sell me out to the highest bidder.”

Frank was starting to get the idea of things, but he needed more time. “Where are we going now?”

“Away,” the agent said. “The hotel is compromised. I’ve pulled you in too deep already. You’re going somewhere safe while I figure out my next move.”

Meme and Frank exchanged glances. If the spy thought this was too dangerous for them, then should they take the out? But no, they really were in too deep to back out now. “We’re going with you,” Meme said firmly. “We’ll finish what we’ve started.”

He smiled at them sadly. “If that’s what you want.” As he pulled onto the road for the safe house, Frank’s eye caught a car in the mirror, one that looked familiar.

“Don’t look now,” he bleated out sharply, “but we’re being followed!”

Who’s following Frank and Meme? Is it the woman? Who else is she working for? Will they shake the tail, or will they end up in a high-speed chase/car wreck? Tune in next month, same Frank-time, same Frank-channel!

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Oh what a lovely entry. Nice reading material. thank you

Interesting. I wonder who's following them.

It's interesting. Good idea. I can't wait the rest.

Nice work! <33

Hmhm~ I hope you always write for 'em.

I love your twist in the next chapter :)

she's working for CGA, Central Goat Agency!

DUN DUN DUN! It can't possibly be the woman, she is supposed to be knocked out ( for the next few hours too) so I think this might be a new mini villain or something of the sorts. :) I'm also guessing a high-speed chase with lots of adrenaline - not for the faint-hearted.

No can't the woman following, must be the "Fleese Thieves" hunting down our 4 footed heros !!

Such a nice entry...I'm loving these...thanks for writing!

ooh cool! very interesting :)

She's working for The Fat Man! He's really in charge.

This is very nice. It has a wonderful feel to it. I like their resolve to stick with this mission.

I wonder who is following them. Maybe someone working with the woman they tied up. Great entry and good luck =)

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