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Into The Deep

"You know what, Meme? I think it's time we take matters into our own hands. Let's head straight for the tattoo parlor and meet our contact. There have just been too many distractions lately and they have all been leading us away from that location and that is where I believe we will find the key to all of these mysteries. Are you with me?" Frank bleated, rising to all fours as he looked to Meme for confirmation.


"When have I ever NOT been with you?" she countered playfully, planting a quick kiss on his cheek before following him out of the room. "Let's get those tattoos."

Frank still had a map of Las Vegas on him from the first secret agent they had met and it didn't take long for them to find the tattoo parlor sandwiched between a haunted house and a hall of mirrors. IT was definitely an interesting place for a tattoo shop to be.  In fact if they didn't know better, they would have thought it was closed since the front parking lot was deserted and they couldn't peer inside the windows due to the windows painted over in black with just the name of the establishment in bright neon green paint that said "Signature of the Squid" on the left side of the door and intricate ink drawings of various squids and octopi entangled with each other on the right side of the door.

Cautiously making their way inside, Frank and Meme found themselves in a whole other world inhabited by exotic underwater creatures that swam through the darkness while giving off the most beautiful phosphorescent colors. It took him a moment to realize that these creatures were contained in floor to ceiling fish tanks made entirely of crystal clear glass.  As they navigate their way around this unusual underwater tattoo parlor, they noticed various chairs situated between the tanks that appeared to be made of twisted coral and bedrock to blend in with the deep oceanic surroundings.

"May I help you?" a voice as gentle as the evening tide came out of the darkness in the back of the shop as its owner slowly revealed itself to be a tall, flaming red whip lash squid with long, undulating tentacles and large inquisitive brown eyes.  There were intricate, interlocking tattoos all over the squid's exposed skin in various shades of red that went from the deepest blood crimson to the palest of pink rose.  The tattoos seemed to be of exotic creatures in fantastic locations that appeared to move every time the squid itself did providing a panorama of moving scenes that entranced and intrigued the viewer at the same time. It was beautiful craftsmanship and suddenly Frank knew exactly what he needed to do.

"Actually, yes. My fiancée and I were wondering if you could oblige us by giving us matching tattoos from the lost continent of Atlantis?" he explained casually, watching the squid for the slightest reaction to his request.  However, the placid eyes before him revealed nothing as the tattoo parlor owner considered the appeal for a moment before floating toward a bookshelf with a number of magazines, hard bound editions, and soft bound novels. Reaching up with two tentacles, she carefully removed a particularly dusty tome that had a well worn leather bound cover that seemed to have suffered water damage over the years. On the outside of the book, Frank could make out a strange symbol that seemed to be made up of two interlocking rings…rings that looks suspiciously like the wedding rings they had been looking at before the female agent had interrupted them.

However, before he could ask to take a closer look at the symbol on the outside of the book, the tattoo artist had flipped it open to show them a number of ancient designs involving an unknown tongue and a complicated calligraphy script. However, there were no designs involving the interlocking rings they had just seen on the cover.  Frank pondered his options as their host awaited his decision on which tattoo he would like to have.

Should Frank risk insulting their host by asking her information on the interlocking ring symbol on the front of the ancient book? Or should he just choose one of the many tattoos on display and then ask her what do these tattoos really mean? Would it be wiser to find out more about the tattoo artist before accepting her services in the first place?


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