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A Close Call

"Come on, let's go," Frank bleated, nudging Meme toward the door the Spy had just exited. Meme dug in her heels.

"No Frank! How did he know to come in right at that moment? They've always been one step ahead of us this whole time and I, for one, am sick of it!"

"Do you think the room is bugged?"

Meme shrugged. "Something isn't right. I say we get out of here before she wakes up and we try and avoid him."

Frank nodded and carefully peered out the door. The hall was eerily quiet and as he inched his way out, he could feel Meme close behind him. He just knew her eyes were darting around taking in all of the smallest details. Neither of the saw the pair of eyes watching from a partially opened door behind them, nor did they see the door slowly close.

As Frank made it further down the hall, his fur suddenly stood on edge as a rumbling creaking began to sound. He pressed himself against the wall and looked over at Meme. Her eyes were wide and full of concern but when they narrowed suddenly, Frank turned back around to see the cause.

A maid was just ahead of them. She had pushed her cart to the next room and was picking up a few towels and mints to take with her into it. She glanced up at them casually and gave a small smile and Frank felt his body relax. He started walking down the hall again when Meme pushed him suddenly into the wall. He began to protest but the bullet sized hole above his head stole any question that he was about to ask and he looked over to see the maid holding a gun with a silencer underneath a towel. He turned to run and found that Meme had already had the same idea and was just ahead of him.

"How did you know?" he asked, his lungs drawing in air as they raced along the hall toward the fire stairs.

"She smiled." Meme answered succinctly and Frank had no time to respond as she pushed open the door and shoved him through. As she closed the door behind them, she shoved a small discarded nail into the lever, effectively locking the door before she began trotting down the stairs with Frank right behind her. The stairs were never a good idea with hooves especially not on this day when they had just been washed and were still somewhat damp.

Had they anticipated Frank and Meme's escape or was it just an unlucky coincidence? THe questions seemed to be answered as they hit the las step and pushed open the door to the alley. Standing before them was the spy with a small black pistol in his hand, the light reflecting off of it as he stared them down. Frank could see that their only escape was through the spy and into the oblivious crowd in the street behind him.

"Looks like this is the end of the road," the spy announced with a wry grin.

Is this the end of Frank and Meme? What dastardly plans does the spy have for them and will they be able to escape before it is too late?
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