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Choose Your Own Adventure!
votesuperboy, kon1
kirax2 wrote in frankandmeme
"Should we follow him?" Frank asked Meme. 

She narrowed her eyes at the woman on the floor and nodded.  "She wouldn't have threatened us if she weren't up to no good," she said.  "And we're in too deep.  We can't back out now."

They followed the secret agent into the elevator.  He pressed the button for the lobby, but suddenly there was a sharp jolt and a loud noise as the elevator stopped abruptly, throwing all three of them to the floor!  At the same moment, the lights went out, leaving them in a tangle of legs. 

"Frank, your hoof is in my eye!" cried Meme.

"Sorry, Meme!" said Frank.  He moved his hoof.

"Your other hoof," said Meme irritably.

"Oh."  He moved his other hoof.  "You okay, Mr. Mysterious Secret Agent?" asked Frank.

There was no sound, not even a moan.  The emergency lights flickered on, bathing the tiny room in a dull gray glow.   The Secret Agent was on the bottom of the elevator, his head resting against the wall.

"He's knocked out!" said Meme, checking his pulse.

Frank eyed the trapdoor on the ceiling.  "We need to get out of here, Meme," he said.

She frowned.  "Shouldn't we just press the 'Emergency' button and wait for help to arrive?" she said.

He shook his head.  "By then, I fear it may be too late," he said. 

The elevator doors began to groan as someone started prying them open, inch by inch.

"Come on, Meme!  We need to get out of here, now!"

Should Meme and Frank go through the emergency trapdoor, press the "Help" button, or wait and see who's prying the doors open?

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It supposed to be a detective story?

Sure, why not? The last Frank and Meme story was a murder mystery, right? ^_^

Yes, you're right! It helps me to to practise English a little))

I think they should wait/

*adds one to the "Wait" votes* Thanks for your vote!

Lovely story I think they should get out though.

*adds one to the "get out" votes* Thanks for your input! ^_^ And for the compliment. :)

They need to get out. If only because I'm terrified of elevators.

Uh-oh, sorry about that! Thanks for your input. ^_^

What a nice mix of adventure, humor, and tension!

Great chapter! I vote for getting out through the emergency trapdoor. :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. ^_^ *adds your vote*

(Deleted comment)
*exciting!* I remember them, too...I'm glad so many other people seem to! *adds your vote*

Choose your own Adventure

I think they should go through the emergency trap door as fast as they can. Whoever is trying to get to them is an enemy. Great entry. Good luck =)

Re: Choose your own Adventure

Maybe you're right! *adds your vote* Thank you so much!

I think they have to get out.
Great story!

Thank you for the compliment and your input!

This is a nice chapter. I vote for the emergency trapdoor!

I vote for waiting to see who's prying the doors open.

Thet sooo! need to go throught the dorrway. One must do all that they can in life when aware that they have one.

Thank you for your vote! *adds it to the list*

Leery of too many bad guys running around and Frank's tendency to have "accidents," Meme had an idea. She quickly dragged Frank through the trapdoor and managed to climb several floors to get the elevator doors to the 13th floor open. But the creaking whir that said that the elevator was somehow back on its way up made them both terribly nervous. Would it stop on their floor, or did it have a mission at the top of the building?

Meme's "fight or flight" response kicked in, and "flight" won. She dragged Frank through a door that said "Emergency exit, and was faced with a long set of concrete stairs both above and below. Should they go up, or down?

Meme was still feeling more like a chicken than a goat, so they ran down, with Frank complaining all the way about the comforts of elevators and the wonderfulness of a "pants break", only to find that the door at the bottom of the stairs had a bright red handle that would trigger an alarm if opened. Should Frank and Meme cause a commotion and use it to try to sort out who is who in all the confusion, or try clandestinely climbing the stairs again to see what possibilities they'll find on the roof?

This is an excellent addition! But please make sure to post it to the actual comm, here: http://www.livejournal.com/update.bml?usejournal=frankandmeme Otherwise you won't be entered into the next contest, and that would be a shame, with such an exciting entry!

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