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Friend or Foe

Meme bleated in distress, “What have we got ourselves into? This is getting to be too confusing; I just want my bath!”

Frank lifted up a hoof and patted her, nodding his head in agreement. There was nothing much they could do but to follow the spy out. After all, the woman lying on the ground right now looked like she would not be too happy when she woke up! Frank and Meme trotted into the lift, down to the first floor and out of the hotel to find that their friend already had the car ready.


“Get in! We have to be fast or we will never escape from her and her weapons.”

Frank stumbled into the car with much clumsiness while Meme cried out, “O la la!” and pointed her hoof upwards. The three of them looked up to find that the effects of the tranquillizer had worn off and the woman had woken up. She stared out of the window and down at them and Frank could feel a chill running down his back. His legs trembled.

The spy reached out and grabbed Meme into the car. She crashed into Frank. “Ouch!” “Tranquillizers never work on her and I've no idea why. I’ve just been to the dry cleaner’s and the lady there told me of a nice hideout that we could use. It’s the right place. Let’s go!” With that, the spy stepped on the accelerator and spun the steering wheel. Off they went as the woman’s face disappeared together with the hotel. Everything outside seemed to be flying backwards. Frank took a while to turn himself the right way up but Meme took even longer. She kicked her legs high in the air and accidentally gave the spy a punch in the eye.

The spy growled and slapped her hoof away. He shouted over the whirl of the engine, “If you don’t keep quiet, I swear, I will cook you and eat you. AND YOU AS WELL!” He looked into the rearview mirror and directed his last threat to Frank.

“WATCH OUT!” Frank bleated in horror as he watched the car take a dangerous swerve around a limousine and darted into the path of an oncoming car.

What is the actual identity of the woman? Will there be a car accident? Is this spy agent really their friend?


Tags: contest #04
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