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Frank and Meme's Excellent Adventure ...
bluemeringue wrote in frankandmeme
Poll #1630487 Frank and Meme fanfic contest

Which entry should be the next chapter of the Frank & Meme saga?


Haven't read "Friend or Foe" yet, so I better do that before I cast my vote. Will come back:)

(Deleted comment)
All the authors did so well that it was rather difficult to choose just one!

Just three people for I Spy? C'mon!

Everyone is neck and neck. I'm glad there were so many entries this time!

Is there a tag or something for all the official entries that have won the polls?

I'd like to read the story from the beginning

I will try to pull something together.

I like the Choose Your Own Adventure!

Thank you! I hope people will comment on the story and tell me which choice they would pick for the next chapter in case I win. ^_^

(Deleted comment)
Приятное занятие:-))
Но помни: что ты включена в интригу и кое кто уже пишет сценарий на основе твоих действий...
Подставляя тебе "стрелочку", зная твои автоматические реакции-шаги...
Приятного путешествия по "Зазеркалью":-))