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Frank and Meme's Excellent Adventure ...
bluemeringue wrote in frankandmeme
Poll #1630487 Frank and Meme fanfic contest

Which entry should be the next chapter of the Frank & Meme saga?


Choose Your Own Adventure!
Always funny!

Choose Your Own Adventure!

It made me think about the books with options, we had to choose what would happen next, then we kept reading on a specific page until we get another choice. *feels nostalgic*

I grew up reading those books, too. ^_^ *wallows in nostalgia with you* Thank you for your vote!

(Deleted comment)
I was thinking of them when I wrote it! ^_^ I remember sitting in the library and reading them...

tough choice but I voted for I Spy

I voted. Choose your own adventure.
It was a difficult choice. Lovely idea and amazing stories.
Thank you guys for providing this excellent reading materials and your poll:)

Edited at 2010-10-14 07:16 am (UTC)

Thank you for your vote! I agree, all the entries were really fun this time!

voted! lets see what happens!

Voted, can't wait to see who wins.

Had lots of fun reading the five different entries; they were definitely entertaining! <3

Voted for I Spy. It was impossible not to vote for a story where they duct taped someone and put them into a closet. :D

Choose Your Own Adventure! Please!

\o/ Thank you! If you like, you can also vote for which continuation you want to see in the story's thread. ^_^