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Frank and Meme's Excellent Adventure ...
bluemeringue wrote in frankandmeme
Poll #1630487 Frank and Meme fanfic contest

Which entry should be the next chapter of the Frank & Meme saga?


Frank and Meme voting

So many great stories to choose from. I read all the wonderful stories. It was so hard to choose one, but I casted my vote. Good luck to everyone =) I also did a +1. Not sure how the winner will be chosen =)

Edited at 2010-10-15 09:21 pm (UTC)

another new thing found on LJ :-)

"Choose your own adventure" would really involve the reader. Overall, I think they are a lot of fun, even if I was otherwise uninterested in the subject matter.

*laughs* I'll admit Frank and Meme aren't my primary fandom, either, but it's fun to just let my brain go for awhile and see what I come up with. :)


It was tough making a choice, but I voted!

Cast my vote for CYOA.

Thank you! If you like, you can vote for which ending you want to see in the thread, too. ^_^

Those were all pretty interesting!

Choose your own adventure seems the most fun :D

Thank you! If you like, you can vote for which continuation you'd like to see in the story's thread, too!

Good luck to all of the entrants! :D

They were all great, but I picked Choose Your Own Adventure. :3

Thank you! If you have a particular continuation you want to see, you can vote for it in the story's thread, too!

Difficult choice. All of them are very intresting.

i voted! good luck to all!

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