Allie (alliecat8) wrote in frankandmeme,

Up, down, all around, what shall they do if they are found?

Leery of too many bad guys running around and Frank's tendency to have "accidents," Meme had an idea. She quickly dragged Frank through the trapdoor and managed to climb several floors to get the elevator doors to the 13th floor open. But the creaking whir that said that the elevator was somehow back on its way up made them both terribly nervous. Would it stop on their floor, or did it have a mission at the top of the building?

Meme's "fight or flight" response kicked in, and "flight" won. She dragged Frank through a door that said "Emergency exit, and was faced with a long set of concrete stairs both above and below. Should they go up, or down?

Meme was still feeling more like a chicken than a goat, so they ran down, with Frank complaining all the way about the comforts of elevators and the wonderfulness of a "pants break", only to find that the door at the bottom of the stairs had a bright red handle that would trigger an alarm if opened. Should Frank and Meme cause a commotion and use it to try to sort out who is who in all the confusion, or try clandestinely climbing the stairs again to see what possibilities they'll find on the roof?

Tags: contest #05
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