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"Quick, Frank, give me a boost!"

Frank manouvered himself underneath Meme and helped hoist her up through the trapdoor - a very difficult thing to do when it's all legs and hooves! Once Meme was up, Frank nudged the Secret Agent undreneath the trapdoor and climbed on him until he was up beside Meme. They had just pushed the cover back in place when voices filtered through.

"They went this way!"

Meme peered through the tiny opening and saw the woman from their room checking the Secret Agent over. Another man was looking around the elevator for clues.

"Quick, let's stash him somewhere and resume the search - it is imperative we find them!"

The man pressed the top button on the panel and the doors closed before the elevator started climbing.

"What are we going to do?" Meme asked Frank above the whir of the gears.

"Wait 'til they get off and then climb down."

Meme nodded but she began getting unnerved as the elevator kept climbing. Looking up, Frank and Meme saw that the top of the elevator shaft was rapidly approaching. Frank checked the red glowing button on the panel.

"They're heading to the roof!" exclaimed Frank.

They bleated in horror as the elevator rose higher and higher, the top only metres away.

How will Frank and Meme escape their current dilemma? Will they be able to prevent being squished?
Tags: contest #05
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