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It's Just a Jump to the Left (and then a Step to the Right)

The trapdoor was high above them, but fortunately, as everyone knows, goats can jump!  With a mighty spring worthy of his mountain goat ancestors, he headbutted open the trapdoor and landed on the roof of the elevator.  "Come on, Meme!" he called, peering down through the square hole.

"Frank!" cried Meme, panicked, "You know white sheep can't jump!"

"It's all right!" Frank called back.  "Hand up the Mysterious Secret Agent!"

Meme wasn't sure what good that would do, but she hoisted up the unconscious agent anyway, standing on her hind hooves.  Frank grabbed him and said, "Great!  Now climb up here!"  Meme was dubious, but the doors were creaking open, so she scrambled up as best she could. 

As soon as she got through the trapdoor, Frank yanked the agent through and shut the door.  Just in time, too!  The could hear the sound of a woman's voice yelling, "You fools!  You let them get away!"  Her accent was muffled.  Was it Russian?  Israeli?  Could it be...Canadian?

They didn't have much chance to figure it out, because there was a "ding" and the elevator began to ascend!  Frank and Meme held their breaths as the elevator went higher...higher...would they be crushed?

No!  The building came to a sharp point above them, leaving a small, pyramid-shaped space they could huddle into.  "Look, Meme!" said Frank, pushing at the ceiling.  "It opens!  We can slide down the side of the pyramid and escape!"

"Frank, no!  We don't want to draw attention to ourselves!  Let's just wait until the elevator goes down again and slip out!"

"But they might catch us if we do that!  We need to get a head start!"

The secret agent groaned and opened his eyes.  "Can't we just take the stairs?"

Should Frank and Meme slide down the side of the Luxor, wait until the elevator goes down and try to slip away, or take the stairs?
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