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Help choose the next official chapter in the Frank and Meme saga!
bluemeringue wrote in frankandmeme
Poll #1639888 Frank and Meme fanfic contest

Which entry should be the next chapter of the Frank and Meme saga?

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Great job, everybody!

It was really hard to pick. Great job from everyone

Really, nice work all around.

Hard to pick! But I voted. :D

Voted! Great job, people!

Wow, they're all wonderful!

I think everyone did a great job. I voted for what I thought was the funniest.

I voted. Great entries, it was a close call for me:)

Nice to see so many entries :) Good luck everyone!

IT was hard to chose but I manged to pick one.

Seems like there's more choices than usual this time around! Good job, everyone.

Difficult choice. All of them very remarkable stories. Good job, guys!

Good luck to everybody! :D

next official chapter of Frank and Meme saga

It was a difficult choice to pick one, but I managed. Good luck to all the contestants =)

heeheehee, fun times! what will happen next?!

Good luck to everyone! *points to icon and showers everyone with virtual four-leaf clovers*

So hard to choose just one!

It's a tie between my two favorites-jump to the left & magical elevator-which I still hope wins at the end.

Maybe-he'll jkump to the left into this magical elevator...?

Just tossin' ideas.

<ahref="http://ianleino.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/timewarp-sub2.jpg">Leh-ehts do the Time Warg Agaaa-ain!</a>

Tough choice this week. But vote for The Magic Wishing Elevator.

Now-put your hands on your hips.

And bend your knees in ti-i-ight.

& it's the pelvic thrust-

that really drives you-in sat-a'-ane.

let's do the time warp again!!!


I love you.

I was about to go with It's Just a Jump to the Left (and then a Step to the Right), but then I saw Double-O Goats adn I just ADORE James bond. Frank and Meme need hair-raising advneture!

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