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Start Of A Great Adventure
Winter Ontha (Fun Little Penguin)
ladyofavalon77 wrote in frankandmeme

"Look, Meme, the map says that this place was very popular during the Cold War with Russian spies because you could get Western shoes, jewelry, and PANTS!" Frank happily pointed out to Meme as he tried to see through the darkened glass of the front door. "I wonder if they have any samples on display."

Suddenly the door swished open, making poor Frank fall forward with a surprised bleat before disappearing into the dimly lit café inside. 

"Frank? Are you alright?" Meme asked uncertainly, cautiously following in her traveling companion's hoofsteps before coming upon a large brown bear with an eye patch cleaning shot glasses behind a worn bar counter.

"Velcome to Baron Ustinov's," the host announced in a thick Russian accent as he set one glass down precisely next to its twin before picking up another. "I av been vaiting for you."

Frank and Meme were speechless. 

"You are confused, yes?" he asked them and smiled at their silent nods. "Please take a seat and I vill explain. My name is Boris Bearzhnev and I am a former KGB spy. Though the Cold War is over, I ave been on a lifelong hunt to find the location of Atlantis and now I need your help.   There is a spy posing as a tattoo artist in Las Vegas who knows vhere to look. I need the two of you to pose as honeymooners who vant to get matching tattoos vhile your real mission vill be to collect intelligence and obtain vhatever information she has on the Atlantis project itself."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Bearzhnev, but we're on vacation and we really don't know you so if you don't mind, we'll just be heading back to the hotel," Frank replied, grabbing Meme's hoof and inching his way in the direction of the door where he had entered.

"Before you leave, there is something you should know," Boris calmly informed him, setting down his last shot glass and walking around the bar to block his exit before leaning down to whisper something in his ear.  It was only a few moments but when the imposing bear had returned to his bar, Frank had decided to help the Russian spy out and persuade Meme to do the same.

So what do you think Boris said to Frank to persuade him to take this mission?  Should Frank tell Meme or keep it a secret to protect her?



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"The spy is your long-lost cousin."

Because this is the kind of plot twist that happens sooner or later, and I'd prefer to see it sooner.

Frank keeps it a secret, leading to potential for further development later if she finds out on her own -- or is told by an enemy!

Bearzhnev is a Russian beat? Will we be getting music from him at some point?


I like your way of thinking! Family members in the spy game are always fun!

"I'm not the spy you're looking for." Just because.

And Frank might as well tell her, she'll find out eventually.

This is interesting too because it is not so obvious :) If my story gets selected I'll have to think of a more plausible plot. I was writing things just off the top of my head but I thank you for your helpful comments!

Start of a Great Adventure

I think Boris has video tapes of Meme going wild at Mardi Gras showing her doing all sorts of wild, drunken things. Boris is blackmailing Frank. I think Frank should keep it a secret from Meme or else she would needlessly worry. hehe

Re: Start of a Great Adventure

LOL! That is so cute! Frank would do anything to protect Meme and it helps Frank to keep it a secret!

Great ideas!

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