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frankandmeme's Journal

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When we're not globetrotting or landscaping (i.e., munching on) a hillside, we're helping our buddies over at the LiveJournal office. Everyday brings new challenges as we graze, er, gaze out the window to ponder where adventure will carry us next.

We really enjoy music and films when we're not out and about. Meme even started taking guitar lessons. Her hooves are wrecking guitars left and right, though. She's gone through dozens already! You'd think I'd be mad but I gotta tell ya, those instruments are delicious! I wasn't a fan of nylon strings at the start but I've really come around in recent meals, I mean weeks. I'm just saying, a lighter wood guitar mixed with a healthy portion of corduroy pants is tres magnifique! When it comes to music, I think I'll stick with what I'm good at: eating and listening...

Meme and I are excited to see how the LiveJournal community retells our tales of mischief and mayhem!

I am dying to send you all more vgifts. Let me know if there's something you've got your heart set on. Meme and I aim to please.